About Fish The Fly

People often ask about fish the fly, how it was formed, why it was formed and what the objectives of this fly fishing website actually are. First off let me introduce myself. My name is Gareth Roocroft and I founded Fish The Fly in 2013. My idea was to make an information website targeted specifically at fly fishermen, and this was to be a break away from the original website, Fish The Sea, which was founded in 2006. Fish The Fly is here to help anglers learn about fly fishing in South Africa, promote conservation, share in-depth knowledge, experience and stories and to show fly fishermen the videos we make at Fish The Fly.

The Vision Of Fish The Fly

Fish The Fly aims to be the most comprehensive fly fishing website in South Africa, offering information on absolutely anything you could possibly imagine regarding fishing the fly.

Fish The Fly’s Slogan

“Fish The Fly… Always!”

A Bit More About Fish The Fly & Gareth Roocroft

“I landed my first fish on fly when I was 4 years old, assisted by my father Tony Roocroft, however the first fish I remember catching on fly was at Millstream, on a weir called Evening Rise. I was 9 years old and I was fishing with a Yellow Humpy. A 400 gram Rainbow Trout slowly arose from the shallow water and mouthed the fly. I somehow hooked and landed it and that’s when I realised that I was obsessed with fishing!

As I have grown older, my fishing has become more obsessive and I have developed disciplines that I enjoy the most, and I have stuck to. Fly Fishing being my favourite of them all. And so here we are, I have designed this website to share stories, tips, tricks and techniques with you, and hopefully this information will help you become even more passionate about this amazing facet of angling we call Fly Fishing…”

Please contact Fish The Fly if you have any queries, questions or comments. Enjoy the site!

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