A Bit More About Gareth And Courtney

“I landed my first fish on fly when I was 4 years old, assisted by my father Tony Roocroft, however the first fish I remember catching on fly was at Millstream, on a weir called Evening Rise. I was 9 years old and I was fishing with a Yellow Humpy. A 400 gram Rainbow Trout slowly arose from the shallow water and mouthed the fly. I somehow hooked and landed it and that’s when I realized that I was obsessed with fishing!” – Gareth.

In contrast to Gareth’s fly fishing pedigree I came to fly fishing by another road; my sister!! Having watched a popular movie with Brad Pitt my sister decide to take up fly fishing, needless to say that it didn’t last. One day while rummaging through stuff in the workshop I discovered rod, reel and flies. One trip to Dullstroom was all it took for a twenty year love affair to take off.

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