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Weekly Articles about fly fishing. Fish The Fly has named this column, the Walkers Killer, after the legendary South African fly created by Lionel Walker in the 1950’s.

Weekly Articles On Fly Fishing

It was the first wet fly I (Gareth Roocroft) caught a Rainbow Trout on and for some reason this fly has always had something about it. I will admit I don’t fish it as much as I used to, but I believe this is a piece of South African fly fishing history. If you belong to any angling forums and you see a member called WalkersKiller, send me a message, that’s my username on all the forums I belong to. Anyway, this page is dedicated to fishing news, articles, interesting debates and discussions and is updated on a weekly basis. All the links can be seen below, and they are in order from first to last, oldest to newest, enjoy and bookmark this page it is updated at least once a week with some form of fly fishing talk that relates to South Africa.

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