How Fly Fishing The Bell River Changed My Life

I have told you about the most amazing experience of my fly fishing life up to this point, and looking back on the changes that happened, it was actually really important. I had always enjoyed nature and fly fishing, but this trip took my enjoyment to passion. I couldn’t wait to go fly fishing again and I even started to learn about other forms of fishing.

I fished more and more frequently and could not stop talking, thinking and reading about the sport of fishing in general. I even added a fishing section to my Kruger National Park website (Which was transferred to what is now, Fish The Sea) and started to write about fish species and photograph all of them to build up a database for my personal enjoyment. Anywhere I went I would take a rod or 2, just in case there was a fishable body of water close by.

So, many years later, looking back, I am so happy with what happened in the wild areas of Barkly East. Fishing got into my blood and got stuck in my body for life, fishing is my life, in fact it is more than life, it is almost like Heaven on Earth for me, there is nothing better. Fly Fishing Rhodes really changed me, I cannot say exactly how, but I could feel it…

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