We all have expectations. Record fish, beautiful fish, spectacular destinations, and fair weather – the list is as long as the personalities that fly fish. The hope for perfection is endless. Ain’t reality a bitch?
The reality is that most of our fly fishing experiences play themselves out in a very different way. In South Africa a great deal of fly fishing takes place at what the Americans call a pond! Now don’t get me wrong, I am no Trout snob, a day spent pond fishing beats a day spent not pond fishing but it’s not exactly my expectation.
I was reminded of this recently while fishing a pond in the Delmas area. A beautiful spot to be sure but not exactly the South Fork of the Snake River! Daniel Factor’s pond behind the Macro in Edenvale is another example – what a genius idea. The industry of fly fishing for trout in Dullstroom has been built on well stocked pond fishing – and I will never turn up an opportunity (summer or winter) to fly fish Dullstroom.
So, what do we take away from reality?
Well, firstly, beggars can’t be choosers. If you love fly fishing you’ll take what you can get. Secondly, some of our expectations can be met by grabbing these opportunities – fishing a pond will often yield good fish. Thirdly, they represent opportunities to refine techniques and strategies, test new equipment, new fly patterns and rigs and to develop our understanding.
So back to Delmas. Firstly, I was out fly fishing. Secondly, I landed some beautiful Rainbows. Thirdly, I got to test some new fly rods imported from China (review in the making). Casting lessons were received and knowledge shared and some nymph patterns tested. The prize for the day though was slowing down, focusing on How to Enjoy and Release your Catch. Also check out the article on How to Handle Trout & Safely Release by Gareth.
Carpe diem, and remember, always Fish The Fly.
The tech-bits shared:
I was fishing with:
Rod and reel: Stealth 8″6′ 4/5WT holding the line was a Stealth AFS reel.
Line, leader and tippet: Scientific Anglers WF-4WT floating line followed by a 6 x tapered leader.
Flies: PTN (size 13-14), G.R.H.E (size 13-14)

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