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The Story So Far

It all started in 2013 when Gareth Roocroft, combined his passion for fly fishing with his skill for constructing websites. What resulted was a no-nonsense, snob-squad free fly fishing resource that demystified fly fishing and made fly fishing for all fish species cool!


Like so many South Africans I have fished from a young age, baiting for Bream or spinning for Bass; but it was fly fishing that sparked my imagination. Roll on 2018 and in my search for reliable tried-and-tested advice I stumbled across Fish The Fly. The difference it made to my fishing career was marked and gave me a solid foundation on which I have built experience. In 2022, much to my surprise, Fish The Fly went offline. After tracking down Gareth and a meeting over coffee I purchased the site. It is my objective to continue what Gareth started and my wish that by maintaining what is already here, adding good honest advice and sharing my experiences Fish The Fly will continue to advance everyone’s enjoyment of fly fishing.

False Casts

Flies Tied

Fish Selfies

Brown Trout caught in wild stream

A Little Perspective

Fly fishing globally is enjoying a golden era – it sits comfortably at the intersection of the outdoor lifestyle, conservation, sport and environmental awareness. It presents the opportunity (or excuse) to travel to those remote places and beautiful sceneries and immerse yourself into a deeper state of consciousness. By broadening the fish species targeted from Trout to all fish species these opportunities have grown.


Fish The Fly is a resource to help make those trips to far distant places more rewarding. The information is set out and cross referenced by freshwater and saltwater fish species, fly information, destinations and fly tackle terminology. The many fly fishing articles, stories, videos, tutorials and images are there for you to enjoy, learn from and compare notes. The content is the sum of its parts and you can meet the Fish The Fly team here.

Smallmouth Yellowfish On Fly


Fish The Fly has always been about sharing knowledge, respect for the fish and the environment in which they are found and creating a comradery between the men and women that fish them. The objective is to promote all fish species, to take pride in catching fish but to never brag about quantity or size (okay maybe sometimes) but rather acknowledge the beauty in fish and fly fishing and to never reduce fly fishing to a competition. I hope you take from Fish The Fly what I have and remember: Fish The Fly, always…

Remembering Tony Roocroft

“My Father, Tony Roocroft, who taught me everything I know about Fly Fishing and life in general. I caught my first freshwater fish on fly with him, my first saltwater fish on fly with him, and my first wild Trout with him, Dad I cannot thank you enough for bringing me into this amazing sport.” – Gareth.

“If you can’t catch a fish, the next best thing is to watch a fish being caught, but it’s definitely a second choice”.

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