Fly Fishing Around The World, 39 Fish Species You Need To Catch On Fly!

Alphonse Island/Alphonse Fishing Co, have made an amazing infographic, probably one of the best I have ever seen, the lists the 39 fish species you need to catch on fly!

The infographic below shows all the 39 species of fish that can be caught world wide and these fish are all treasures and possibly once a life time catches…

Here is a word from Alphonse Island:

I am happy to announce that we were able to sum up all our results from the previous Research project into one big Infographic. We have called it the ‘39 Legendary Fish to Catch on a fly’.

This project would not have been possible without you and other Fly Fishers from all over.
Please have a look at our Infographic below:

This is truly amazing work! Well done to the guys who have spent so much time and effort in putting this together!

Gareth Roocroft

Founder, Fish The Fly

In case you like to read why and what we did exactly, please have a look on our Website, where we explain the whole project in detail.

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