Fly Fishing Fish Species In South Africa

Species That Will Take A Fly…

There are a lot of fly fishing fish species in the many, fresh and salt, waters of South Africa that will readily take a fly. This page will serve as a guide to the various saltwater and freshwater species that can be caught on fly. Please note that this is not a definitive list to the fly fishing fish species The fish listed are fish that can actively be caught on fly when targeted. Please feel free to look at both the lists, freshwater and saltwater, and then click on the fish species name to take you to a page dedicated to the specific fish or fish family. These pages will explain how to catch certain fish on fly, what flies to use and where to catch these fish.

Freshwater Fly Fishing Fish Species

South Africa boasts a multitude of freshwater fishes that can be caught and targeted on fly. There are also numerous fish that will pick up a fly when the luck is on your side; one more to the species on fly list.

Saltwater Fly Fishing Fish Species

There is not a lot of information out there that lists the specie by specie, by here, on Fish The Fly, we have all the information you need. South Africa has a huge list of saltwater fishes.

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