Best Fishing Flies

To Use In South Africa For Freshwater & Saltwater Fish…

The Best Fishing Flies to use in South Africa, for certain fish species, are explained and illustrated on this and a few other pages. Flies are an imperative part of fly fishing and in South African waters it is very important to get the right presentation, during the right season (This is more so the case in freshwater systems). Saltwater flies generally imitate bait fish and molluscs, whereas freshwater flies imitate a variety of animals from hatching insects, to frogs and fish. This page will act as a guide for flies; how to choose them, when to use them, how to fish them and all the information you need to know.

You will notice there are different categories of the flies listed below. Dry Flies refer to floating or slightly submerged flies that are intended to be fished on the surface. Nymphs are suspending or sub merged imitations that mimic hatching insects or early stages of an insect life cycle. Wet flies here, are typically sinking flies, that one would retrieve. And lastly, streamer and lure flies. These flies either mimic a larger organism, like a crab or bait fish or are intended to stimulate a fish into attacking the fly.

This is a fly directory for fly fishers in South Africa, and based Fish The Fly‘s experience, and a few other fishermen. Listed below are what we have identified as the best flies and the flies that will work for you in South Africa. Once you click on the link, you will be taken to a page. This page will have information and pictures of the fly, what it imitates, what fish you can catch on the particular fly, how to fish the fly and a lot of other interesting facts about the fly. The flies will be separated into categories and sub headings, some flies may appear in more than one list.

The Best South African Flies For Stillwater

Stillwater refers to all bodies of water that are large and have no flow of water, they may or may not have in and outlets. Stillwater’s include weirs, ponds, dams and lakes.

The Best South African Flies For Rivers

Rivers refer to large flowing waters such as the Orange or Vaal River, big, long and deep flowing waters.

The Best South African Flies For Streams

Streams refer to small, shallow and sometimes clear flowing bodies of water that are not very wide or long, such as the streams in the Drakensberg and Eastern Cape.

The Best South African Saltwater Flies

Various flies that will hold you in good stead for catching a variety of saltwater fish species.

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