Foam Ant – Best Fly Fishing Flies

The Foam Ant fly comes in various patterns, colours and sizes but the Foam Ant we are talking about here, is the fly you see in the images and was tied by Gavin Erwin. This is a deadly pattern and since Gavin first tied this fly a variety of freshwater fish species have been caught on it. Trout seem to love this pattern, as it casts a perfect silhouette on the water and imitates a dead ant or small insect.


Type Of Fly?

  • Dry Fly
  • Floating Fly
  • Terrestrial

When To Use?

  • All Year

Where To Use?

  • Rivers
  • Streams
  • Dams
  • Lakes

Colour Variations?

  • Black
  • White
  • Brown

The Foam Ant is a deadly terrestrial pattern, especially for stillwaters, but comes into it’s own on streams and in the calmer pools of rivers. This fly catches fish, and hackle can be applied to the foam to make this pattern even deadlier. The foam provides a great form of buoyancy to the fly, but if this fly does start sinking, just squeeze the body of the fly into a dry cloth or something similar, and it will be floating again in no time.

Species That Can Be Caught On This Fly?

The Best Flies To Use

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