Goddards Sedge – Best Fly Fishing Flies

The Goddards Sedge is an interesting dry fly that is also known as the Goddard Caddis, The G & H Sedge and the Goddard And Henry Sedge. Sedge, essentially, is just another name for a caddis. This dry is best utilized on sunny days, as the silhouette it casts over many stillwaters get the Trout very interested. The Goddards Sedge is of European origin, and is very popular all over Europe. Two Englishmen, John Goddard and Cliff Henry, were responsible for thinking up this “out-of-the-box” pattern, and it accounts for many Trout to this day.


Type Of Fly?

  • Dry Fly
  • Floating Fly

When To Use?

  • Summer

Where To Use?

  • Dams
  • Lakes
  • Streams

Colour Variations?

  • Natural

The Goddard’s Sedge is a brown and white dry fly that mimics a few different insect species. We have used the Goddard’s Sedge to catch fish when no other dries seem to be working. The Goddard’s Sedge is definitely one of the best dry flies to use in South African stillwaters. This fly is a must in any fly box, and it will probably take a few wild trout in the streams of South Africa, if a smaller size is used.

Species That Can Be Caught On This Fly?

The Best Flies To Use

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