Best Flies For Bass When Fly Fishing South Africa

The Top 10 (Ten) Bass Flies To Fish In South Africa

What are the best flies for Bass? A question so often asked in the South African fly fishing community. Fly fishing for Bass is not easy, regardless of what Bass species you will be targeting. Largemouth Bass are the more common of the Bass species of South Africa.

Largemouth Bass On Dry Fly

Bass On Dry Fly

The Largemouth Bass is a really aggressive fish species, and will readily take a variety of flies. Below you will see 10 of the best flies for Bass that you could use as a fly fisherman in South Africa. They are in the order of great, to best, and there is a special feature on the top 3 Bass flies. This is Fish The Fly‘s best flies choice.

Best Flies For Bass: The Top 10


The DDD, aka the Duckworth’s Dargle Delight, is arguably the best dry fly (If not, one of the most fished) in South Africa, and is a fly that can… Read More.


The Popper fly is fly fishing‘s version of the open faced popper. A lure that has claimed many fish species in it’s time… Read More.

Deer Hair Mouse

The Deer Hair Mouse is an interesting fly, that is becoming more and more popular as each year passes. With the help of video, research… Read More.


The GRHE is an acronym for the full name of this nymph pattern; the Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear. The name comes from the fact that this nymph… Read More.

Flashback Nymph

The Flashback Nymph is one of the most widely used nymph imitations all around the World for a variety of freshwater… Read More.

Woolly Bugger

The Woolly Bugger is one of the most effective wet flies that is used in South African waters. The Black version of this fly, tied with some blue flash and a bead… Read More.

Mrs Simpson

The Mrs Simpson is another traditional wet fly pattern, that is known as a streamer or a killer. This fly has many originators and it is hard to say… Read More.

Best Flies For Bass: The Top 3

Brush Fly

The Brush Fly is one of those bait fish patterns out there that is not fished as much as it should be. One of the reasons for this is possibly the lack of information out there regarding this fly. That stumps us a bit here at Fish The Fly, because this is one of the greatest… Read More

Brush Fly - Tigerfish Fly Fishing

Fritz Bugger

The Fritz Bugger is a wet fly streamer that is combined with two of the best wet flies you could use on South African waters, the Fritz and the Woolly Bugger. The variation we use here at Fish The Fly has been nicknamed the Calvin Bugger. Gavin Erwin… Read More.

Fritz Bugger

Clouser Minnow

The Clouser Minnow as we know it today, was originally called the Clouser Deep Minnow and was first tied in the 1980’s by the legendary Lefty Kreh, who has caught over 100 of species of fish on this fly. Left Kreh also had a big role in “inventing” the superb Lefty’s Deceiver. The Clouser Minnow… Read More.

Clouser Minnow

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