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The Fritz Bugger is a wet fly streamer that is combined with two of the best wet flies you could use on South African waters, the Fritz and the Woolly Bugger. The variation we use here at Fish The Fly has been nicknamed the Calvin Bugger. Gavin Erwin first tied this fly during a Summer’s evening in Dullstroom. He had noticed the fish were not feeding very actively on either the Fritz or the Woolly Bugger, so he decided to join the two flies together… Read the full story here.


Type Of Fly?

  • Wet Fly
  • Streamer

When To Use?

  • All Year

Where To Use?

  • Rivers
  • Streams
  • Dams
  • Lakes

Colour Variations?

  • Olive

The Olive Fritz Bugger, which was named the Calvin Bugger by Gavin Erwin and Gareth Roocroft is not a true Fritz Bugger. It combines the Crystal Bugger, the Fritz Bugger and the Zonker. The Zonker being the tail, the crystal being the body and the fritz bugger being the flash and the hackle. This fly is one of the best wet flies for Trout in South Africa, and it has never failed us. Many of the new additions to the Fish The Fly team have caught their first Trout on this fly. We were originally going to called it the Erwin Bugger, but after a few beers, and thinking back to a time where Gavin kept on being called Calvin by accident by another fisherman, we decided that would be the appropriate name, and it has stuck!

Species That Can Be Caught On This Fly?

  • Trout
  • Yellowfish
  • Blue Kurper
  • Redbreast Kurper
  • Vlei Kurper
  • Papermouth
  • Makriel
  • Bass
  • Barbel
  • Tigerfish

The Best Flies To Use

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