Best Barbel Flies To Use In South Africa

What Are The Best Fly Fishing Flies For Barbel (Sharptooth Catfish)?

The Best Barbel flies to use in South Africa can be found on this page. The Barbel, also known as the Sharptooth Catfish, is a beautiful Catfish species in it’s own right, and is a very aggressive and adaptable predatory fish. This makes it an excellence challenge to tempt them on fly, and battle this hard fighting freshwater fish species. Contrary to popular belief, the Barbel will not just take “anything”, as many anglers suggest. Barbel Catfish On Fly When fly fishing for Barbel, you need to locate the Catfish in order to be successful at targeting them. The best thing to do is to look for areas in rivers and dams where the Barbel are highly concentrated. You want to look for feeding Barbel. Barbel will feed or breathe with their heads and whiskers out of the water. Make a cast just beyond that, and work the fly from there. Alternatively you can use a calling technique, where you splash the fly in an area you suspect there may be a Barbel or two. In turn, this “calls” the Barbel, as they come to investigate, and generally end up attacking the fly quite aggressively. Releasing A Barbel On FlyFish The Fly have identified 5 of the best Barbel flies that you can use as a fly angler in South African waters. These flies are based solely on our experience and opinion here at Fish The Fly. They have worked for us in the past, and should bring you great success when targeting Barbel on fly in South Africa.


The Top 5 Best Barbel Flies To Use In South Africa

Deer Hair Mouse

The Deer Hair Mouse is an interesting fly, that is becoming more and more popular as each year passes. With the help of video, research and some really creative guys out there… Read more.

Carp Fritz

The Carp Fritz pattern we are discussing here belongs to the legendary South African fly fisherman, Sean Mills. This man has been pursuing Carp on fly for a long time now, since the 1990’s… Read more.

Half Chicken

The Half Chicken Fly is well known amongst many Barbel and Catfish fly fishermen. This fly is also known as Half A Chicken and the Half Chicken Barbel Fly. This fly is really effective… Read more.

Mrs Simpson

The Mrs Simpson is another traditional wet fly pattern, that is known as a streamer or a killer. This fly has many originators and it is hard to say who actually came up with the fly… Read more.


The Best Barbel Fly To Use In South Africa


The BBB – the Babich Barbel Bugger – is a revelation of a fly for targeting the African Sharptooth Catfish, more commonly known as the Barbel, originally tied by Terrence James Babich… Read more. BBB - Babich Barbel Bugger

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