Best Gully Flies To Use In South Africa

What Are The Best Flies To Use When Fly Fishing In Gullies In South Africa?

The best gully flies you can choose for fly fishing the various saltwater areas around South Africa, will determine how successful you are when targeting the smaller and more shy gully fish that call the rocky and weedy habitats home. Gullies are generally areas with structure, where water rushes in during the tidal structure. Intertidal pools, rocky bays, and kelp beds are all examples of gully-type habitats.

Cape Moony Caught On A Gully Fly

The saltwater fish species that are often targeted on fly are fish such as: Blacktail, Stonebream, Moony, Karanteen, Bronze Bream, Klipfish, Stumpnose, Rockcod, Mullet, Musselcracker, Shyshark, and the list goes on. All these fish species can be real fun to target on a lighter fly rod, and you can use either floating, intermediate or sinking line, with smaller flies to tempt these gully fish into taking your fly pattern.

Jeremy Fish The FlyFish The Fly has identified the 5 best gully flies you can use in the various saltwater fly fishing habitats along the South African coast line. There are so many flies out there, and it is very tough to narrow it down to the 5 flies we have listed below. If you use these flies in the gullies and intertidal zones of South Africa, you will catch fish. Just remember, perseverance is a key to success when saltwater fly fishing.

The Top 5 Best Gully Flies To Use In South Africa

Mantis Shrimp

The Mantis Shrimp fly is a generic pattern tied in many different sizes, many different colours and many different forms. In short, it is a saltwater fly that imitates prawns or shrimp… Read more.


The Gotcha fly is arguably the best Bonefish saltwater fly on the Planet. This small deadly pattern imitates a variety of crustaceans and is truly revolutionary. The Gotcha also comes in… Read more.

White Death

The Death wet fly more commonly referred to as the White Death (In this case), or by placing a colour in front of the name Death. The White Death gets it’s name for a very good reason… Read more.

Salty Bugger

The Salty Bugger is personally one of my favourite saltwater flies, and I always carry a lot of these flies with me when I go on a saltwater fly fishing trip. Along with the Fritz… Read more.


The Best Gully Fly To Use In South Africa

Gully Fly

The Gully Fly is a revelation if you are a saltwater fish species orientated fly fisherman. This little pearl white fly imitates a variety of organisms and crustaceans that live in saltwater… Read more.

Gully Fly

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