Best Carp Flies To Use In South Africa

The Top 5 Flies To Use For Carp

The best Carp flies to use in South Africa when fly fishing for these freshwater fish species can be hard to choose. Fly fishing for Carp has become extremely popular, not only in South Africa, but all around the World. The Carp species of South Africa are a highly underrated angling species on fly, and you can have hours of fun sight fishing these beautiful fish. It is hard to decide what the best Carp flies are to use when fly fishing for Carp. Common Carp Caught On Fly Carp feed on a variety of different crustaceans, insects and plant matter, and are very opportunistic when it comes to feeding. This is not necessarily a good thing for Carp fly anglers. The best way to catch Carp on fly is by sight fishing for them. Identify shallow areas in dams, or deep pools in rivers where the Carp hold and feed. Cast the fly a bit behind them or just in front of them at the edge of their sight-line, and you should start getting fish! Dam Carp Caught On Fly Fish The Fly has identified the 5 best Carp flies to use in South Africa. These are our preferred flies to use to fly fish for Carp and are based on our opinion and experience. There might be some flies that are not listed here which you might know work well for Carp. But once again, this is just our unbiased opinion here at Fish The Fly, and we hope you catch lots of Carp on these flies!

The Top 5 Best Carp Flies For Fly Fishing In South Africa


The Bloodworm is a popular nymph, and can be used to target many species of fish, and can be fished in many ways. Many… Read More.

Orange Hotspot

The Orange Hotspot Nymph is one of the most effective nymphs to fish on South African waters. There are very few nymph imitations… Read More.

Red Eye Damsel

The Red Eyed Damsel is a South African wet fly that was invented by Hugh Huntley and was made to mimic the abundant Damsel fly… Read more.

Woolly Bugger

The Woolly Bugger is one of the most effective wet flies that is used in South African waters. The Black version of this fly… Read more.


The Best Carp Fly To Use In South Africa

Carp Fritz

The Carp Fritz pattern we are discussing here belongs to the legendary South African fly fisherman, Sean Mills. This man has been pursuing Carp on fly for a long time now, since the 1990’s in fact… Read more. Sean Mills Carp Fritz

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