Choosing 5 Flies To Use For Eternity

Flashback Nymph

Flashback Nymph

My second article, in the weekly Walkers Killer, relates to my first post, which was last week, if you have not read it, have a look at the link here before reading this article further, it is really interesting.

Due to the similarities in the results of the fly exercise Mr. Tom Sutcliffe put forward, I decided to ask 3 fly fishermen I fish most often with and my father, these were the results… Bare in mind the similar results from last week:

My father, Tony Roocroft, the 5 flies he chose: Adams, GRHE, Royal Wulff, Flashback, PTN.

The first of my 3 fellow fly fishermen, Gavin Erwin, the 5 flies he chose: Woolly Bugger, DDD, Royal Coachman, Montana Nymph, Flashback.

Next, Sean Bisset, the 5 flies he chose: DDD, Woolly Bugger, Red Setter, Flashback, Lake Dragon.

Finally, Jason Macintosh, the 5 flies he chose: DDD, Stimulator, Woolly Bugger, Zonker, White Fritz.

The outcomes are the following, out of 6 people who chose flies, these flies came up on more than one occasion.

Woolly Bugger

So, in summary, 16 different flies were chosen by 6 fly fishermen, and of that 16, 7 came up more than once. And a good selection too, 2 Dry flies, 3 Nymphs and2 Wet flies. Are these the ultimate South African flies? What 5 flies would you choose to fly fish with for the rest of your life?


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