Fly Fishing Casting – Easy Steps On How To Cast Fly Rod & Line

How To Cast A Fly Fishing Rod Easiest Way To Cast A Fly Rod…

Fish The Fly South-AfricaNeed help with your fly fishing casting? When Fly Fishing, the most important thing to get right is your casting technique. Casting a Fly Rod is important to your success as a Fly Fisherman and is important to help you catch fish! On this page do’s and don’ts will be discussed as well as the difficult to pick up fly casting technique, guided by pictures.

A basic way to explain what the action of the cast on a fly rod should be is as follows: Pretend you have a hammer or an axe in your hand. Now go through the motion of cutting up a piece of wood or hammering a nail into the wall. In theory this is how you cast a fly fishing rod. In practice you need to do the following:

  • Start out with a bit of line and your leader, make sure they are out of the top eye, don’t try to cast more line than you are comfortable with
  • Pull some line out of the reel and hold it in the hand you are not holding the rod with
  • Now hold the line tight and get your first back cast going using the hammer/axe technique mentioned above
  • Let some line out on your forward cast, don’t wave the rod and don’t move your head but put power into the cast with your arms
  • Also you should never need to go forward and back on your cast more than 4 times. If you do you are doing something wrong
  • Once you have got the casting technique right you can modify it to what you are most comfortable with

Another 3 things are important in learning how to cast a fly fishing rod, perseverance, practice and patience!

It will be frustrating and will require long hours of practice and slapping the water but once you have got it right, it will stay with you forever!

Keep your fly fishing rod and reel in good condition.

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