Fly Fishing For The Southern Barred Minnow In South Africa

How To Catch The Southern Barred Minnow On Fly?

Southern Barred Minnow

Breeding Barred Minnow

The Southern Barred Minnow (Opsaridium peringueyi), also just called the Barred Minnow, is a member of the African Bariliins species, which are known for their vertical bars on their bodies. This freshwater fish species normally has between 7 and 9 vertical bars on it, and when breeding, can be one of the prettiest fish South Africa has to offer.

The Southern Barred Minnow is not a large fish by any standards, and seldom grows larger than 12 centimeters. The male fish of this species turn into the colours that can be seen in the image above, and is dressed in bright orange and red colours throughout the breeding and spawning season, which happens from the start of Spring to the end of Summer…

More Information On The Southern Barred Minnow

Southern Barred Minnow Illustration

Southern Barred Minnow Illustration

The Southern Barred Minnow can be found throughout the Northern lowveld regions of South Africa all the way down to the Pongola (Phongolo) River. They are a vulnerable fish species, and occur almost exclusively in perennial (Flow all year) rivers. They can also be found in other rivers such as the Pongola, Sabie, Olifants, Limpopo, Blyde – just to name a few.

The Southern Barred Minnow prefers shallow and clear fast flowing water, but can also be found in the deeper pools behind rapids, or areas where the water flows over sand and gravel. They are a shoaling fish that generally feeds on the bottom. Their main food sources include insects, crabs and other small invertebrates and crustaceans.

Changes in their habitat have caused this fish to become vulnerable, as well as damming of rivers and water extraction. The Southern Barred Minnow is believed to live for up to 6 years or so.

How To Fly Fish For The Southern Barred Minnow?

The Southern Barred Minnow is one of those by-catch species that will leave you in awe. The beauty of this fish is truly amazing, especially when you catch and land a breeding adult male. The Southern Barred Minnow can be an aggressive fish and will take small streamer and wet fly patterns. Nymphing techniques are normally being used when this fish is caught. Fly anglers are often targeting Yellowfish or Trout when this species is caught.

The best flies to use to catch the Southern Barred Minnow can be seen listed below: (General Yellowfish flies work too)

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