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Targeting Largemouth Bass On Fly…

Bass Fishing is one of the more popular forms of angling all around the World. Fly Fishing for Bass is also very popular, and catching Largemouth Bass on fly is a challenge, but comes with a great reward. Gareth Roocroft and Jason Macintosh visited Footloose Trout farm at the beginning of Winter, hoping for some Trout action. The water was still a bit warm, so no Trout were stocked, so changes had to be made to target the other fish on offer.

Largemouth Bass can be quite fussy, especially with fly presentation and size, but we did not seem to have a problem landing 6 fish in 3 hours, 5 of them were quite small, and were caught on a size 14 Orange Woolly Bugger. Still lots of fun. There were lots of other hook ups and on-offs that came to nothing.

Jason eventually hooked a nice fish of close to 1 kilogram on an Olive Fritz-Bugger, tied by Gavin Erwin. We eventually left Footloose feeling contempt. We tried to get some Vlei Kurper on small dry flies and nymphs, but they were not interested. You can see the video we shot that day below, as well as a few photographs of the fish caught.

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