Fly Fishing For Bass In Gauteng

Where To Catch Bass In Gauteng?

Here at Fish The Fly, we have been lucky enough to obtain access to a good friend’s private dam. It is full of Largemouth Bass, Blue Kurper, Carp, Vlei Kurper, Dwarf Kurper, Barbel and even Koi! The video below is of a trip we did in 2018.


This episode shows us fly fishing for Largemouth Bass in Gauteng. We are at a friends private dam that we have nicknamed “Magic Dam”, this is for 2 reasons.

The first reason is because the first time we fished this dam we thought we had literally fished a whole day with the amount of fish we had caught and the time we put in, however, it was only 2pm when we got off the water. We could not believe it.

The second reason is the amount of fish in the dam. There are so many Bass ranging from 50 grams to well above 2 kilograms. There are also other fish species as listed above.

Hope you enjoyed the video! We caught a few fish on poppers that we did not get video of unfortunately, but baitfish patterns, especially blue and white, did the damage.

The song used in the video is: 20syl – Voices feat. Rita J – No copyright infringement intended and this video is not being monetized.

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