Telling the difference between male (known as Cock fish) and female (known as Hen fish) trout can be tricky in immature fish but in sexually mature fish there are three things to look for that are dead give aways. Firstly, the lower jaw or kype Рmale fish have a distinct hook shape to their lower jaw. Secondly, the anal fin Рmale fish tend to have a concave shape on the trailing edge. Thirdly, the colour Рwhen spawning male fish colours become darker and more contrast, especially the red in the Rainbow. In immature fish all these differences exist but they are less obvious. The photos below show each of these criteria nicely in mature and similar sized fish. Remember these three characteristics can also be used to estimate the age of a trout Рa male fish with a nice kype and bright colours is already 1-2 years old. Also, when gutting fish a mature female (2 years or older) will contain Roe (brightly coloured orange eggs).

Telling The Difference Between Trout

Male (Cock)

Female (Hen)

If you would like assistance in identifying your catch please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember catch and release; survivability decreases with time out the water so it is better to get a picture and debate it later than dawdle and risk the fish. 

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