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Kruger National Park Fly Fishing

Sean Fish The FlyKruger National Park fishing… What more can I say? I have two passions in life, nature and fishing. If I could combine these, it would be a dream come true, and would make my entire World. I have seen many people fish in the Kruger National Park on T.V. who are mainly involved in research and census programs. Their main aim is generally Tigerfish.

I have combined my love of fishing and wildlife into 2 websites, this one, Fish The Fly, and then my main Kruger National Park website, Stories Of The Kruger (The other one being I enjoy writing and blogging about fishing and the Kruger Park when I cannot do any fly fishing, or I am not in the Kruger Park.

Kruger National Park Fishing – Fly Fishing Species

Blue Kurper On Fly

Blue Kurper On Fly

One could say my love for fishing originated in the Kruger National Park. I love everything about nature, and as a youngster I used to actively look for fish whenever we were at a hide, crossing a low level bridge, or at a get out point. I always scanned the water for fish species.

The Kruger National Park boasts 53 fish species, including numerous Labeo, Yellowfish and Bream. You can read more about the fish species of the Kruger National Park on the Stories Of The Kruger website.

Barbel dominate, while Tigerfish are the prize. They both occur throughout the Park, but the Sharptooth Catfish is the most common, as they occur in almost any body of water that exist within the Greater Kruger National Park.

Kruger National Park Fishing – Will The Dream Come True?

Orange Hotspot PTN NymphEvery time I see a river in the Kruger National Park, I dream about casting a Hotspot, G.R.H.E. or streamer into the water. My ultimate dream and goal in life is to fly fish the Kruger National Park…

Imagine… Casting amongst the Hippo’s, Crocodiles and waterbirds while a herd of Buffalo watches you and the Baboons are barking from the trees. What could be better? One day, and I really hope it happens, but one day I will fly fish the Kruger National Park, I will hook a Tigerfish on fly, catch a Labeo on nymph and get a Yellowfish on a streamer. It will happen. Don’t ever forget, Fish The Fly always…

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